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How to Choose and Decorate the Perfect Bar Cart

June 14, 2020

How to Choose and Decorate the Perfect Bar Cart

It’s hard to look in any interior design or home style magazinesnowadays without seeing bar carts. They’re the new cover star of the design world, and with good reason. These chic furnishings are as stylish as they are useful, and they leave a lot of opportunities to add personality to your space.




Suddenly, your empty living room corner becomes the life of the party—literally. Home to your favorite cocktail gear and libations, this is a glamorous decision choice that makes you feel like you live in a Hollywood film.




If you’re ready to adopt this trend into your own life, you might feel a bit intimidated. How do you find the perfect bar cart that suits your style? From there, how do you decorate it to upgrade your space? In this guide, we’ll share tips for doing just that.




Choosing the Perfect Bar Cart

Not all bar carts are created equal. These classy pieces actually grew in popularity during the Victorian era. Before they became associated with happy hours, they were known as tea trolleys. For upper-class women who spent days at home, tea time was an opportunity to gossip over Earl Grey and sandwiches.


The tea trolley was the norm until Prohibition ended in the 1930s. From there, the cocktail cart was born. Recently, bar carts were introduced back into popular fashion despite the rise of modern furnishings.


To choose the perfect bar cart for your space, consider how you’d like to use this trolley. Your search should be guided by your drinking habits, whether you’re the life of the party or you prefer a quiet glass of wine alone.


If you plan to use your trolley to entertain, look for something that’s versatile. You’ll want added features like glass holders, wine racks, and so on. The more the merrier! However, if you only enjoy a glass or two on special occasions, something smaller with less storage might be a better fit.

How to Personalize Your Bar Cart

Once you’ve decided on the perfect design for you, it’s time to get personal. Bar carts are so popular because they’re a chance to show off your drinking tastes, host friends and family, and embrace today’s modern style. Here are some ideas for personalizing your new favorite statement piece.

Add your own style

Your bar cart isn’t limited to your drink selection. You can think of the liquor and wine as the star of the show, but you still need actors to play supportive roles. Things like vases, photos, plants, and so on make the perfect addition to your bar cart




Go local

It’s interesting to incorporate local styles and flavors in your bar cart. If your hometown is notorious for a specific mixed drink, why not add those elements to your cart? For example, lime juice is the perfect tropical edition for a warm climate.




Color and material

While most bar carts are metal, this is far from the only option. Consider something in a funky color or material. If you’d like a bohemian space, a wooden bar cart is a perfect way to achieve this look. On the other hand, classic materials are better suited for a modern home.




Cheers to the Bar Cart

A bar cart is more than a statement piece, it’s a functional work of art. Having a bar cart in your home transforms your home from a quiet retreat to an entertainment space.




No matter your drinking style, this is a fun way to personalize your own space. What’s your design style, and how do you use this to say something with your very own bar cart?

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