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Express your inner boho, with our Beautifully Bohemian Scenario. Bohemian, or boho-chic style is all about personal expression, avant-garde displays, and colorful collections. This eccentric, eclectic style is all about mixing colors, patterns and textures with no specific design “rules”. Think outside the box in layout, and fill every space in the room with exciting layers of colors and patterns. Rich textures and detailed patterns, along with unique pieces crafted from natural materials like jute, seagrass, and exotic animal fur, accented with recycled glass and beads are perfect to bring this look alive. Revel in globally-inspired prints, hand-crafted details, and comfortably distressed finishes.  It's relaxed chic with an eclectic beat.  //  LOOK FOR eclectic styling, distressed and painted wood, ikat, ombre and medallion patterns, tassels, feather and peacock motifs, pottery, seagrass and beaded lighting.

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