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4 Awe-Inspiring Tips for Adding Flowers to Your Home

May 28, 2019

4 Awe-Inspiring Tips for Adding Flowers to Your Home

4 Awe-Inspiring Tips for Adding Flowers to Your Home

No matter your style, plants make great décor for any living space. In fact, according to Flower Confidential, “Americans spend about $6.2 billion on cut flowers each year, and purchase roughly 4 billion stems per year.” Many individuals decorate with flowers because they arouse the senses and cheerfully invite guests into our residences.

Whether you choose to incorporate vibrant flowers or refreshing verdure, adding gorgeous bursts of color and lush texture to your home is sure to elevate your interior décor and boost your mood. If you’re interested in creating an exquisite indoor sanctuary that elegantly celebrates the natural world, take direction from our experts. We reference some of our favorite tips for adding flowers to your home.

Experiment with Faux Florals

For those with a jam-packed schedule, or perhaps horticulturally challenged arranging and keeping flowers blooming and beautiful may prove to be a daunting task.   A perfect solution is a stunning faux floral arrangement.  Surprisingly, faux florals have evolved from your grandmother’s plastic  centerpieces. The new generation of flowers and green plants are truly gorgeous and realistic.  Incorporating a faux floral into your space will bring a colorful and nature inspired design element; they’re a tasteful, chic substitute to real flowers and flowering plants.  To successfully fool the eye—don’t be afraid to tweak the petals and stems in your arrangement. Most of materials used now are moldable and bendable. After all, no two blooming flowers are perfectly symmetrical!

For the best results, it’s important to be selective with the types of flowers in your faux arrangements. In our expansive selection of luxury home goods online, we offer a wide range of silk faux floral arrangements. Our faux florals look incredibly realistic flowers and won’t require your undivided attention—although they are certain to draw in endless compliments.

Choose Bold Planters

Are you passionate about gardening? Bring your talent indoors—situate flowers and rich foliage in colorful planters that make a statement. These pieces simultaneously add drama and showcase your greenery while emphasizing your home’s distinct charm. Scenario Home carries a multitude of glazed and distressed ceramic as well as stone vessels in various colors and sizes—mix or match them to add character to your living space.

Decorate with Seasonal Florals

Curating a space inspired by nature’s scenery is as simple as decorating with seasonal flower varieties. These colorful, fragrant blooms will liven up your space year-round. Spring soirees call for blooming orchids, while exuberant hydrangeas, lilies, and peonies make lasting impressions in the Summer. Gorgeous roses complement the changing hues of fall leaves, and calming eucalyptus contently rests indoors during the cool Winter months.

Consider Placement

Flowers act as focal points—energizing the rooms in which you spend most of your time. Consider implementing a marvelous floral arrangement as a centerpiece in your dining room or as an accent piece in a bathroom or entryway.

For an organic touch to your production, try arranging bowls and vases on free-standing furnitures, such as a timeless bar cart or a stylish accent table. We also recommend brightening up your bookshelves with pretty plant assortments. Tailor these vignettes to your taste, and you’re sure to end up with a welcoming space that’s entirely your own.

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