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6 Valuable Tips for Designing Your Home Office

June 04, 2019

6 Valuable Tips for Designing Your Home Office

6 Valuable Tips for Designing Your Home Office

Our workplace ‘scenarios’ are becoming more and more flexible as employers are offering telecommuting as an option to their job packages.  Which means many of us are electing to work from home or remotely on a daily basis. Our ‘home offices’ are becoming a place to retreat, reboot and focus on life’s responsibilities.  All too often, we associate office atmospheres with fluorescent lighting and unimaginative furnishings. However, your home workspace doesn’t have to drab or be lackluster. Instead, why not create a functional yet stylish space designed to spark creativity and productivity.

Here are six essential tips for designing your home office, so you can produce an energizing place of respite.

Inspire With Beautiful Art

home office art

A fabulous home office comes alive with a beautifully and personally curated piece of artwork.  Search for paintings, works on paper, photography or even sculpture that accurately represents your distinctive personality and style. Art doesn’t have to be expensive or even match your couch to give your office that personal touch.  In addition to big city galleries, you can find inspiring and gorgeous pieces at local flea markets or even street fairs that won’t break the budget . Keep these masterpieces at eye level, so you can effortlessly sneak a quick glance in between projects.

Add Personal Items

home office head bookends

As you decorate your office, don’t forget to fill it with personal touches. Even in corporate offices, personalization is key to happiness and mindfulness—these sentimental items can boost your mood, even if you’re not having the best day. Don’t be afraid to show off your loved ones or pets. It’ll feel good to occasionally gaze at them as you check off the day’s accomplishments.

Enhance the Comfort

When it comes to a home office, your comfort shouldn’t be compromised. While you’re not actively working, it’s pleasant to have cozy sitting areas where you can sip your coffee or jot down your thoughts. As you stage these designs, integrate rich textiles, such as a faux fur, into your space to create warmth. Drape a luxurious throw blanket over an armchair, or add glam to a loveseat with faux fur pillows. For the final touch, lay out a soft sheepskin rug.

Mix in Greenery

Revive a tired-looking office by bringing the outdoors in with hints of vibrant greenery. Plants not only look pretty, but they also have a positive impact on your wellbeing. Studies show that bringing plants into offices can improve attention span and overall health, as well as decrease stress. Instead of looking out your office window and wishing you were outside, go ahead and bring the outdoors to you.

Let There Be Light

home office floor lampmultiple home office floor lampshome office task lamp

Lighting is a key element when designing any space.  In addition to ample natural light, a well luminated home office requires supplemental light. A mixture of light fixtures will not only add depth to your space, but also keep you wide awake, especially if you work long hours. For cozy ambient lighting, hang pendant lights around your office—just be sure not to suspend them directly above your computer. If you need extra light near your desk, set a chic task lamp atop your desk or purchase an eye-catching floor lamp.

Select Your Preferred Chair and Desk

A comfortable chair and desk are fundamental components of any office space.  Select a chair which is ergonomically designed for both form and function.  Add two conversational side chairs for guests and visitors so that you can have informal meetings. Now consider your desk.  Remember to measure for ample leg room based on the height of your chair.  A well functioning desk should have a large workspace and plenty of drawers to hold or hide personal belongings.

Feeling inspired? Visit Scenario Home for luxury home office furniture, fixtures, art and accessories.  We will help you curate a well dressed, personal space to enjoy year around.  Our beautiful selection of high end, sought after pieces are sure to satisfy any ‘scenario.’  Now get to work!

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