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A Brief Guide on How to Utilize Luxury Garden Décor

April 23, 2019

A Brief Guide on How to Utilize Luxury Garden Décor

A Guide on How to Make Your Backyard Look More Luxurious

When you head out into your backyard, do you feel uninspired? Many knowledgable landscape and garden aficionados hold great rancor to the fact that their outdoor spaces look almost exactly the same as their next door neighbors. If you're someone who seeks to transform their outdoor space into a sanctuary—we have good news. By simply investing in luxury garden décor, you can redecorate your yard to accommodate lively late-night events and serene morning coffee talks equally. With these five steps, you're sure to become the neighborhood tastemaker for backyard sanctums.

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Focus on Creating an Experience

In the United States, residential lawns average 10,871 square feet, which is about a quarter of an acre. Properly utilizing this space is key to creating an outdoor oasis that you, your family, and your friends will love. An open outdoor atmosphere creates a lasting impression and promotes a feeling of community. With versatile garden stools and a welcoming seating arrangement, you can set the scene for your next soiree. Once you’ve created an inviting patio, your guests are sure to feel perfectly at home.

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Incorporate Water Features

A gorgeous estate deserves an outstanding water feature in their landscape design. This exterior design element, whether embraced by stone or ceramic, can provide your outdoor haven with the peaceful noises of flowing water that is sure to soothe the soul. Garden fountains boast elegance and add a visual charm that will impress anyone who spends time in your backyard paradise. Plus, by adorning your outdoor space with a spectacular water feature, you're also introducing the dynamic energy of water into your space—flowing water is the Feng Shui symbol for wealth and prosperity.

water features help make a beautiful back yard

Incorporate an Outdoor Rug

Stylish rugs are a staple piece of décor for both indoor and outdoor spaces. The proper outdoor rug has the ability to add warmth and harmony to your fabulous patio setup. Outdoor trendsetters will lay out a colorful rug under their dining area in order to give the space more of a personality. Woven Chilewich floor mats are both luxurious and durable and come in a variety of textures and colors.  They can be layered for a more creative look and are also a popular option for those who are wrestling with how to make the most of the unutilized space in their backyard.

Pick Out Planters

Planters are contemporary and gorgeous additions to any outdoor area, especially when they’re lining a walkway or nestled beside a pool. Your plants act as focal points, adding liveliness to modern furnishings and showcasing your green thumb. As a bonus, plants also add privacy, creating a secluded, intimate environment for you and your family to enjoy. Don’t be afraid to buy bold planters that vary in color and size—these vibrant accessories bring pops of color to any outdoor oasis.  For a fun backyard BBQ filling these versatile pieces with ice to keep beverages cold!


Stay on Top of Landscape Maintenance

You can buy all the beautiful outdoor accessories and garden accents in the world, but ultimately, proper yard maintenance is key in ensuring your landscape design remains vibrant. Green grass and thriving flowers really tie the whole look together. To prevent overgrown shrubs and trees, regularly trim them. If you notice any dead plants, pull them out. Additionally, don’t forget about repairing your walkways. These small fixes ensures your guests are safe from trips and falls as well and elevates the quality of your backyard’s appearance.  

With the right luxury garden decor and plenty of upkeep, you can design the ultimate outdoor retreat. Take some time to explore our large inventory of garden ornaments and outdoor accessories before beginning renovations. Soon, you’ll have the perfect scenario for all your outdoor gatherings!

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