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4 Bright Ideas for Your Home’s Lighting

January 16, 2019

fancy light fixture

fancy light fixtureIf you feel like you’re in a design rut, you’re not alone. A HomeGoods survey determined that 99% of people felt simple décor updates could make them feel happier. It’s time to be intentional with the furnishings in your living space, and to start, consider your lighting fixtures. Think of lighting as the interlude or encore—it’s an unexpected addition to your décor that’s sure to bring any room together. Let’s take a look at four types of fixtures that will make your living space look marvelous.


If you’re looking to achieve a glam look, illuminate your home with a high-end chandelier. Whether you regularly host soirées or enjoy cozying up with a good book by yourself, a chandelier complements any mood. We offer a diverse range of chandeliers, so you’re certain to select one that flawlessly suits your décor. Choose from beautiful crystal pieces, one-of-a-kind geometric fixtures, and gold leafed chandeliers.

Floor Lamps

If you need to cover more surface area in your home, floor lamps are a great option. Since it’s a visual focal point, it can stand alone; however, it can also be the ideal accompaniment for an armchair. We carry an array of contemporary options from innovative designers.

Table Lamps

If you require light in a concentrated spot, consider a table lamp. It easily ties a room together while not taking up too much space. Thanks to our grand selection, you don’t have to choose a lifeless piece. Similar to all our high-end home décor accessories, each table lamp in our collections has a personality of its own. We provide table lamps crafted from a variety of materials such as ceramic, glass, metal, and wood.

Wall Sconces

If you need to brighten your space but don’t want to commit to a larger fixture, wall sconces are a tasteful addition. These fixtures are subtle, highlighting your furnishings, giving them an undeniable presence. We’re proud to carry Arteriors, Currey and Company, Regina Andrew, and Worlds Away pieces.

There you have it—four fixtures that are sure to enhance your home’s lighting. Your lights play a huge role in how your home appears, so choose wisely.

Check out our myriad of lighting fixtures. Need some assistance selecting from our high-end home décor accessories? Our stylemakers’ picks will help you get started.

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