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Create A Stylish Bar with Our Fine Home Décor Accessories

May 02, 2019

create a stylish bar with fine home decor accessories

After a long work week of phone calls, meetings, presentations and even travel, Americans are looking to come home on Friday nights, unwind with loved ones and family.  Our home becomes a save haven to release stress, enjoy hobbies and connect with friends.

bar cart

We prefer to relax from the comfort of our sofa—research from Mintel concludes that about 55% of American consumers prefer drinking at home. As such, it’s important to stage an upscale atmosphere for you and your guests to indulge in fabulous drinks and hors d'oeuvres. You’ll want to create a space where family and friends can gather and feel comfortable after a long week. In this narrative, we’ll walk you through how to create a sumptuous, more personal entertaining experience in your own residence. Trust us—it’s much easier than you may think!

Selecting A Space

Excellent entertainment begins with creating a space with the proper mood and functionality. Before you can create a stylish bar, you will need to decide where it should go. How much space do you want to dedicate to your home bar? Perhaps you can arrange the ultimate in-house bar experience near your kitchen, so your guests can enjoy a pre-dinner drink. Or maybe you want to transform your outdoor patio or lower living area into a luxurious retreat for late night soirees. In other words, is your home bar an opportunity to be a transitional area for entertaining? Ultimately, the choice is yours—whether you dedicate a corner of a room or the entire thing to your bar, you can still achieve fabulous results. It all comes down to the ambiance and furnishings.


Providing comfortable and ample seating for your home bar is an invitation for guests to unwind and stay a while. From high back tavern style with leather cushions to barstools with tufting and armrests, we offer a variety of styles that you’ll be able to beautifully incorporate into your setup. We offer a remarkable selection of barstools from renound and sought out designers, including Arteriors, Bungalow 5, Regina Andrew, and Worlds Away.

When choosing barstools, a good rule of thumb is to select a stool that is 10-12 inches less than the height of the table which will ensure there is ample leg room and will best suit the bar area. Seating options in neutral colors, fabrics and supple leathers are sleek and timeless. For an unexpected pop of color we love a bright and bold living coral in velvet to add contrast and interest.

black rattan bar stoolblack rattan bar stool

Bar Carts

Every wine and spirit connoisseur should proudly display their libation collection, and you can easily execute this via an extraordinary (and handy) bar cart. Thanks to its versatility, a bar cart takes your at-home bar to another level—you simply roll it to wherever the party is! Be sure you stock it with all the essentials, such as premium liquors, delicious mixers, gorgeous glasses, tantalizing garnishes, and other necessary bar supplies. With these items alone, it’s highly likely that you can prepare any drink your houseguests’ order.

Bar cart va

While an ordinary and simplebar cart can do the trick, a stylish one is sure to elevate the look of your space. With timeless antique gold and shiny nickel metal finishes, the contemporary mirrored carts we carry from Worlds Away boast opulence. Arteriors also crafts beautiful brass bar carts, which serve as functional works of art.

To increase a bar cart’s presence in a room and give the overall space some character, we love accessorizing with elegant glass decanters, ice buckets and stemware.  You can even add a simple vase or small sculpture.

Bar Lighting

What makes a night club so alluring is its ability to capture a specific mood. When you do go out with family or friends, you want the atmosphere to match your group’s mood for the evening. A beautiful venue may immediately grab your attention with their upscale furnishings, an often-overlooked and impactful design element is the lighting. Therefore, in order to experience a ‘night out’ at home, select fixtures that add the mood you want your guests and family to enjoy. Lighting can really make all the difference in how your bar appears to your guests. Swap out uninspiring and perhaps dated pieces with small pendant lights, which effortlessly modernize a space. If you’d like, you can also boost the intimacy with dimmer switches. This way, you can adjust your lights’ intensity to your taste.

stylish gold bar pendant


When it comes to starting a home bar, you need proper glass and stem ware; a variety of proper glassware instantly provides more glamour to your guest’s cocktail.enhances the look and quality of your guests’ drinks. We suggest stocking your bar with glasses of various types and sizes, which will showcase your passion for mixology.  Don’t forget the martini shaker!

As a beverage aficionado, we know you’ll want to impress everyone on your guest list—these glasses will do just that. Plus, your houseguests can relax knowing they can have any drink they’d like. Some must-have glasses include:

  • Beer Pints
  • Champagne Glasses
  • Cocktail Glasses
  • Highball Glasses
  • Martini Glasses
  • Old-Fashioned Glasses
  • Shot Glasses
  • Wine Glasses

Just be sure you have enough glasses for everybody—we recommend having at least two of each type of glass in stock. You do not want to encounter a situation where you run out! We also suggest looking for interesting glassware. Whether you’re serving liquor, wine, or another favorite libation to multiple guests, we love using Arteriors decanters. They are handcrafted masterpieces that instantly add sophistication and style to any bar setup.

anterior decanterstylish blue goblet


From impromptu gatherings to special events, your home bar is sure to be the main attraction to your guests. Thus, the final details will really tie your home bar together. To start, textured coasters amplify elegance while preserving your furnishings’ finishes. Accent trays can hold necessities, such as cocktail napkins and straws, showcase candles and picture frames, or transport drinks to different areas of your home. Additionally, these decorative trays help keep everything neatly organized. Lastly, what’s a bar without a chic ice bucket? After all, many drinks are best when kept cold.

 sculpture xbar bucketbar tray gold

Curating a home bar is a rewarding experience for you as well as your family and friends—it truly enhances your living space. And thankfully, with the proper barware, glassware, and furnishings, anyone can restyle an area of their home for memorable occasions. Whether you choose to create an indoor or outdoor bar, our fine home décor accessories serve as exquisite accompaniments to any entertaining space. Your guests are bound to raise their glasses in a toast to you and your grand at-home bar!

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