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Sheltering Outdoors: Stepping up your Outdoor Game with Perfect Planters

March 30, 2020

Sheltering Outdoors: Stepping up your Outdoor Game with Perfect Planters

Time to get outside. Even in this time of sheltering and social distancing, you can take refuge in your home’s outdoor space. Time Magazine’sGreenSpaceWellness stresses the benefits of getting outside in order to control your stress level and bring inner peace.


Dedicated Designs to make your Greenery Gorgeous 

At Scenario Home the art of creating the perfect outside space is at your fingertips. Our design team is obsessed with curating the most luxurious collection of plantersto bring brilliance and life to your space. AND we’ve made it easier than ever to shop for exactly what you need. You can choose from our assortment of glazed planters GlazedPlanters, stone and concrete planters Stone&ConcretePlanters or metal planters MetalPlanters


Purposeful planning 

To begin, think about the exterior of your home as well as your personal style. Look for pieces that you fall in love with that still compliment your home’s architecture elements. Next, work on selecting color, texture and scale that is interesting and will make a statement. We lean towardusing oversized pieces, while still keeping doorways and walkways accessible. Clustering planters of varying height give you visual interest and make selecting plants a little easier.If you are dealing with a small space, one lavish planter or a trio of tall, slim planters will be much more impactful than several small pieces.


Get your Creative Juices Flowing 

We love to mix up our planter arrangement by experimenting with varying sizes and shapes in the same palette or selecting textures or patterns that work together, but do not necessarily match. Note how the sizes and textures of these two planter sets coordinate nicely without matching.



Bright and bold color will deliver instant impact to your container garden. Incorporating eye-catching blues, greens and oranges into your space will make it pop. Flank two at your front door for instant curb appeal!



Planting the seeds

Knowing the right plants for your sun exposure is key to the success of your container garden. Planet Natural is a helpful guide in what you need to know. Sunlight & Potted PlantsYou will certainly feel inner peace and joy along with a connection to nature as you enjoy your container garden flourish.  Sunny days ahead, we will move forward together!


We are here to help 

Feeling inspired? Call or email us anytime. We will help you curate a well-dressed, personal outdoor space.  Our beautiful selection of high end, sought after pieces are sure to satisfy any ‘scenario.’  Now get to work!

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